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Brief description of financial transactions

Company "BANCARD GROUP LIMITED LTD" has been cooperating with most international payment aggregators. You can Deposit and withdraw your account in any directions, except use the website of the company as an aggregator of the exchanger. The company does not charge a fee for transfers of funds, Commission is charged only from talesnik aggregators and can be changed in accordance with the regulations this aggregator.

Our team



Beatrice Finance Department

Financial Director, the management reserves, payments, credit operations, disputes. Chief financial department"s.


Brad Administrator

Founder and Director of the company, the ideology of development, building a business plan. Site administrator.


Leonard IT specialist

the Creator of the site, IT developer innovations, updates, technical review. Head of IT Department.

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«Внутренняя транзакция Transaction ID: 1a87c0f3-194b-403c-b0ad-97ac0562f*** От: ino* Сумма: 10.14 USD»



«Дата операции: 22 Июн 2018 10:42 ID операции: 597139250 Тип операции: перевод Статус: выполнен Сумма получения: 7.51 $ От: P49016*** »



«ВыплатаВнутренняя транзакция Transaction ID: 611fbee2-dd12-4109-2ccb-5dda56cf1*** От: ino* Сумма: 209.35 USD»



short information about the existing capabilities of our platform :

  • Investments
  • Investment funds in equivalent U.S. dollars with favorable interest rates.
  • 1 USD USA / Minimum contribution to investment
  • от 1 до 3 % * Escrow charges
  • 5 * Accruals per week (working days only)
  • All active deposits perpetual
  • 30 days* Possible return
  • 5% every 7 days Additional interest rate for VIP customers
  • * consumer protection
  • Smart mining
  • Investments in cryptocurrency mining, purchasing power BLT. Smart mining. Does not require customer intervention.
  • 1.10USD = 1 MH/s *
    Purchase Price of power
  • 1BLT = 1USD *
    Exchange price BTL
  • Daily Accruals
  • All active deposits in cryptocurrencies are open - ended
  • 1 USD USA
    Minimum purchase amount
  • * Powerful software, the purchase of Asimov for the possibility of acquiring more power for every investor.
  • Credits
  • Credit program from the company between the participants of the platform or system.
  • 10 USD USA
    Minimum credit start
  • Interest rate from creditors*
  • Guarantee the reservation % return to creditors*
  • Withdrawal of credit on Your account*
  • Transfer the loan amount to the work of the Deposit
  • the Decision of problem loans by the resolution of disputes by a third party (Manager)
  • program for the protection of personal data*
  • Partners
  • Affiliate program of the company as an additional opportunity to earn.
  • 5% / revenue from top-partner
  • 1% / income from buying VIP partner
  • 1% / income from the replenishment of the loan account of the partner
  • Instant enrollment to the balance of the actions of the partner
  • Ability to transfer funds to the investment by reinvest from the main account
  • the ability to output the received affiliate profits on any available payment system

*Some points in the brief description of the capabilities require a detailed review! To see more detail on all the features by referring to the relevant sections on the company website :
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